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客户:Keimyung University

描述:The identity of the 2021 Keimyung University Degree Show was designed by the KVCD graduation exhibition committee under the direction of Professor Kyurag Lee.For the exhibition, we visualized the concept of 'find, grab, inflate, and burst' to reflect the experience itself in the design, which we have questioned, discovered, and developed over the past four years.After that, in the medium of a hand, we expressed our doubts with exclamation marks, so that we could communicate visually in the form of cartoons through our own storytelling. In particular, various speech balloons and onomatopoeia were used to visualize our quirky and humorous experiences. In addition, it was possible to build a dynamic and lively identity through this. The design constructed in this way can be flexibly applied to posters, exhibition catalogs, notes, stickers and uniforms, exhibition banners, etc. according to the situation.

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