delicates 包装系统
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描述:delicates 是一个倡导舒适、自由和可持续生活方式的品牌,为顾客提供各种图案的白色T恤。最初确立品牌颜色的想法是,我们每个人都有自己独特的色彩,但却都能在 delicates 这里找到自己独特的白色T恤。

标签: delicates 包装系统 

delicates 包装系统

delicates 是一个倡导舒适、自由和可持续生活方式的品牌,为顾客提供各种图案的白色T恤。最初确立品牌颜色的想法是,我们每个人都有自己独特的色彩,但却都能在 delicates 这里找到自己独特的白色T恤。我们整理并延续了品牌现有资产,更新了标识、子标识和产品线的分类系统,并将新的品牌系统应用到包装上。更新后的 delicates 标识代表着3个人的俯视图,“3”代表你、我、他/她,每个人都可以在 delicates 找到适合自己的选择。由此,我们在保持品牌原有基因的基础上,为其赋予了全新而系统的外观。


‘delicates’ is a brand advocates for a comfortable, free and sustainable lifestyle, provides customers with white t-shirts in all sorts of pattern. The original idea of the brand color was to indicate that as audiences we all have our unique shade of color, but we can all find our unique white t-shirt here at ‘delicates’. We took on the mission to sort out and continue the existing assets of the brand, updated the logo, sub-logos and categorizing system of product lines, and apply the new branding system to the packagings. The updated ‘delicates’ logo is to give the impression of top view of 3 people, and ‘3’ stands for you and me, him or her, whom can all find comfort at ‘delicates’. All together we gave the brand a fresh and systematic look, and kept the brand DNA that has already left a print for the customers.

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