BRIO 包装系列
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描述:BRIO是一家位于北京CBD的经典风格男装集合店与裁缝工作室。那不勒斯手工裁缝定制西服,成衣衬衫、裤子和鞋子,还有精致的男士理容服务,都体现着绅士们优雅的生活方式。 我们设计了可折叠的牛皮纸盒作为定制西装的包装。纸盒平时呈平铺方式,便于店铺存放;折叠组合后成为双层的包装盒,下层存放定制衣架、防尘袋等配件,上层放置衣物。客人可以体面地将西装带回家,也便于在衣柜中存放换季衣物。

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BRIO is a classic menswear collection store and tailoring studio located in Beijing CBD. The Neapolitan hand-made tailored suits, ready-to-wear shirts, pants and shoes, as well as the exquisite men\'s grooming service, all reflect the elegant lifestyle of gentlemen. We designed a foldable kraft paper box for the custom suits. The box is easy for storage in the store. When folded and combined, it becomes a double-layered box, with the bottom layer holding custom hangers, dust bags and other accessories, and the top layer holding the clothes. Guests can take their suits home in a decent way, and it is also easy to store seasonal clothes in the closet.

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