57 Sheets of Paper 纸样
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标签: 57 Sheets of Paper 纸样 

57 Sheets of Paper 纸样

这套纸样被设计成了档案盒的样式,纸张不经装订,分类放⼊文件夹,并置于盒中。这样的设计源于我们在⽇常工作中使⽤纸样的感受。通常的纸样,纸张样品比较小,⼜被装订束缚、挤压,常常给挑选和感受都造成麻烦。 所以我们舍弃了装订,把16开大小的纸样直接放进文件夹。每张纸都可以被单独取出。 在档案盒上,以压凹的⽅式不露声色地列出了所有内容纸张的名称、克重、颜⾊以及规格——这些内容也在文件夹上以印刷⽅式在对应位置呈现。 我们挑选样图,并对应设计了7幅有关花草的风景画,由CMYK和2个专色印刷。构成画面的元素来自我们在印刷中总结出的经验——印刷网点和线条被放大,每个颜⾊以特定的规则和⻆度出现。字体也遵循这⼀规则设计而来。这些不同种类的纸样都⾄少印刷了同一张照片,使用者可以藉此看出它们之间的区别,以挑选适合⾃己的纸张。

57 Sheets of Paper

Paper samples are usually get bound too tight or squeezed too much to select and touch. So we abandoned the traditional binding and put these paper samples directly into the folder and packed them in a file box, with necessary information presented on each level. Each sheet of paper can be taken out separately. The elements of the graphics like basic dots and lines are enlarged, with each color appears in a specific rule and angle, and the typeface was designed in the same way.

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