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描述:BRIO是一家位于北京CBD的经典风格男装集合店与裁缝工作室。那不勒斯手工裁缝定制西服,成衣衬衫、裤子和鞋子,还有精致的男士理容服务,都体现着绅士们优雅的生活方式。创始人收购了一家佛罗伦萨古老男装店的家具陈设,修缮后放在了北京BRIO店内,同时也找到我们进行品牌形象重塑。 我们认为,BRIO的美学和匠人精神表现在对经典的传承与克制的表达。 我们选择了店内一块由佛罗伦萨匠人用传统木拼工艺制作的滑板,将上面的中世纪雕刻字体,进行现代的重制表达,以此作为品牌的 logotype。我们设计了两种规格的LOGO,按照用途分类,以黑色揉印的方式低调克制地放置在印刷物料上。如此,我们做到了过去与今天的呼应。

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BRIO is a classic menswear collection store and tailoring studio located in Beijing CBD. The Neapolitan hand-made tailored suits, ready-to-wear shirts, pants and shoes, as well as the exquisite men\'s grooming service, all reflect the elegant lifestyle of gentlemen. The founder acquired the furnishings of an old Florentine menswear store, restored and placed them in the BRIO store in Beijing, and also approached us for a rebranding. We believe that BRIO\'s aesthetics and craftsmanship are represented in the heritage of the classics and unobtrusive expression. We picked up a traditional Florentine wood-pieced skateboard in the shop, recreated the medieval engraving type on it in a modern way as the brand’s logotype. We designed two specifications of LOGO and categorized them according to their uses, placed them on the printed material in an unobtrusive and normcore way by flexographic printing in black ink. Thus the echoes of the past reverberates in the present.

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