Bloodroot Restaurant
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客户:Bloodroot Restaurant

描述:Bloodroot Restaurant is a feminist restaurant and bookstore with a seasonal vegetarian menu. Bloodroot continue to seek and find inspiration, comfort and nourishment from the unpretentious foods that people all over the world have honed to perfection whether out of necessity or pride or both.Noel and Selma came of age in the '50s when women were relegated to the roles of wives and mothers. The two share a love of cooking and gardening and, in the '70s, open Bloodroot.I was to redesign their identity. The essence of this project was to display venerable feminist restaurant with organic and ethnic lifestyle.血根餐厅是一家带有女权色彩的素食主义餐厅,它会提供季节提供素食菜单。血根餐厅的宗旨是从世界各地的人们角度出发,在朴实无华的素食中提供营养并传达女权精神。诺尔和塞尔玛是在50年代长大的,两人共同热爱烹饪和园艺,并在70年代的美国开设了Bloodroot这家餐厅。我重新设计了他们的品牌形象。项目初衷是以全新的民族的生活方式来展示古老的女权主义餐厅。

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