Magic Hair Dye
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描述:Ukiyo-e is a kind of genre painting that originated in the Edo period of Japan. It depictspeople's daily life, landscapes and shows. These hair dye products are conceptualizedwith dye hair of Ukiyo-e characters that combines both traditional and modern.It was inspired by the Edo period which was one of the heyday of Japanese business.At that time, the societ was more concerned about the material and enjoyment thatwas connect to "shape" and "color". The design connects profile of Ukiyo-e characterswith hair dye. The brand name "MAGIC" means magic that someone’s willingcan be realized quickly. I hope this design could bring new surprises to it‘s users.It breaks the rule that the packaging uses illustrations to sell the product instead ofusing photos of real models. The overall vision of the packaging maintains the toneof fashion products. There are 3 skus, each one is presented with different featuresof Ukiyo-e person. There are also a set of application method of icons that developedfro

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