Yooten Rice / 优田大米
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客户:Self-Conducted Project 自研项目
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描述:Nowadays more and more young couples focus on health and more likely cook at home, but they not old fashion like elderly. Youten Rice creates the packaging with modern and idyllic illustration of 3 special regionals of rice production, South of Yangze River Rice, North China Rice and Southwest China Purple Rice that could bring the product with more characters and local features.This series of packaging design is a self-launch project which aimed for young domestic young couples who are not only focus on material quality, but also rich spiritual life.The interesting way of using illustration tells that the packaging is more than rice itself, it’s about the story of region,custom and culture.The brand logo is a Chinese-Enlish typography lockup and was applied with UV varnish. Simplified Chinese should be highlighted with friendly looking as the product is aiming for Chinese domestic rice market. The series have 3 designs, they are “South of Yangze River Rice”, “North China Rice” and ” S

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