Fisherman Seafood Sauce/Fisherman海鲜酱品牌
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描述:The brand of Fisherman works hard to create authentic and mouthwatering seafood sauce for their consumers and slogan of “Bing you the real experience of sea” became the main spirit. Realistic illustrated fresh cut salmon, live octopus and fresh captured scallops became the main focus on their flavor. Bold vision and vibrant colors were applied to make the packaging standing out from other same category.Fisherman是一款海产包装食品品牌,其中这一款为海鲜酱料系列。产品给人以真材实料,新鲜即食的口味体验。其中包装分为三文鱼酱、章鱼和扇贝三种口味。标贴设计运用夸张的视觉构图形式,让盖子和瓶身充分发挥其销售功能,如沙滩上刚刚切开的三文鱼,一整只鲜活章鱼,完整的扇贝等。广告语为:“Bing you the real experience of sea带给您真正大海的体验”。

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