Zoo Stapler动物园订书机
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描述:Zoo Stapler is a brand of stationery for school children. The concept is that bringing more fun to kids by making the packaging looks like animal which have sharp teeth. The hammer of stapler could synonymous with teeth and there are 3 series that include dog, shark and crocodile. Packaging are presented with modern graphics and vibrant color hues.动物订书机Zoo Stapler是一款面向儿童的文创产品。包装设计采用仿生创意,将锋利(牙齿)与订书机订口结合起来,增添更多活泼与趣味。包装分别延展出三种具有利齿的动物:小狗、鲨鱼和鳄鱼;整体包装的图案使用现代的几何绘制手法并使用纯度较高的色彩搭配,让产品在销售时与消费者有更多互动。

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动物园订书机Zoo Stapler

动物园订书机Zoo Stapler

动物园订书机Zoo Stapler-鳄鱼系列Crocodile

动物园订书机Zoo Stapler-鲨鱼系列Shark

动物园订书机Zoo Stapler-小狗系列Dog

动物园订书机Zoo Stapler_包装背面BOP

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