Candy Game
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描述:Candy Game arose childhood of those born in the 80s and 90s. It is inspired by the 2 dimensional handheld games that snack is more than a snack but games. It presences with 8-bit electronic style of and series are corresponding to "Pac-Man", "Tetris" and "Aircraft War" respectively. UV Varnishes is adopted to enhance the button touch for the outer pack. 此作品分别为巧克力块、巧克力豆和软糖的系列包装盒设计,灵感来自任天堂公司在80年代末推出的“Game Boy” 掌机。设计中将经典二维游戏内容与食品巧妙地结合,分别对应“吃豆人”,“俄罗斯方块”和“飞机大战”。外包装图形中的游戏机“按钮“采用光油工艺加强其游戏机之质感。希望这款包装能唤起80-90后们的童年回忆。

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