The Pyramid Pizza
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描述:he pyramid pizza Packaging cover designed to Promote Mindful Consumption into Scale the pieces By destiny LONG DESCRIPTION The pyramid pizza Packaging cover is designed in a hierarchical manner so that it can be placed anywhere without taking any space. That means the taking space becomes vertical not horizontal, so it can be easily located any where on work desk or small table at home without taking up an occasional space like the usual Packaging covers. Also, the pyramid shape is easy to wrap around this pyramid, as it is easy to eat pizza from any side. This new design also features making each triangular piece of slice pizza in a separate wrapper, making it easy to make each piece taste different. Also, the separation of each pyramid pizza separately in sense that the pyramid can be of only three pieces, four pieces, or five …. up to ten pieces of slices pizza. This distinctive shape gives inspiration of embodying as a 3D pizza cover, which increases the interaction with the produ

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