IP image design of Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street
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描述:When walking on nanjing road in Shanghai can always attracted to gorgeous neon lights, feature of it is also the nanjing road, the neon lights on the vision not outline a clear, so I'm going to nanjing road Chinese fonts for the maximization of the profile, and make its internal has a lot of space, is used to reflect the busiest section of nanjing road in Shanghai as Shanghai inclusive. At the same time, the combination of Chinese font and Latin font reflects the characteristics of Nanjing Road itself from architectural style to ideological and cultural "Shanghai culture". The three letters of the color logo and the conventional font form a square shape. The board style is derived from the trademark characteristics of Shanghai time-honored brands. In order to meet the youthful spirit and fashion sense of young people, three colors are selected. Green represents the future green development route, orange is vigor and vitality, and blue is mystery and relaxation. It can be said that the

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Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street has a combination of Chinese and Western Shanghai culture form, compatible and inclusive, in the future will be more green, vibrant and let tourists have more sense of belonging.Inspiration source: Shanghai time-honored brand trademark; Chinese and Western combination; Green products; Neon plaques; Nanjing Road East ExtensionColor: Green represents the future of green sustainable development; Orange represents vigor and vitality; Blue is ease and relaxation.

A variety of auxiliary graphics are designed on the basis of the LOGO, including the conventional functional logo and the special market logo. The skeleton of the auxiliary graphics is based on the LOGO shape, which also contains the meaning of tolerance and tenderness, hoping to make the tourists in Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street feel the feeling of being treated with tenderness. At the same time, the design of a series of Latin letters and numbers logo, satisfied with the use of logo derivatives and publicity.In order to meet the needs of nanjing road pedestrian street which require the participation of young people gradually, based on the logo form expression packages created on the basis of the tide, wide range of USES, not only can be used in the electronic media to express the mood, also can replace the purity of the establishments were marked on the road in nanjing, operations through customer satisfaction, can also be used to represent visual mood element such as weather condit

The LOGO and Shanghai road signs are combined to form a new visual form, which can be used as the carrier of publicity and the streets of Nanjing Road itself. It can be used to reflect urban construction, green travel, portrait and other functions. The sleek LOGO design provides unlimited creative space for the birth of derivatives.

This picture is the derivative and application of the logo, focusing on its youth and functionality.

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