AO SKIN·SPA 纯灵之境|内外兼修的平衡美学 Balance Aesthetics of AO SKIN SPA's Inner and Outer Beauty
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客户:AO SKIN·SPA 纯灵之境


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Animō Omnis,源自拉丁语,意为“每一个独特的灵魂”,旨在传递对不同女性个体差异的尊重,让每一个追求美丽的灵魂,都能在这里得到悉心的照料与呵护。Animō Omnis, originated from Latin and means \"every unique soul\", which aims to convey the respect for the individual differences of different women so that every soul pursuing beauty can be carefully tended and protected here.

为了解决“Animō Omnis”在中文语境下的阅读性和记忆度,我们提取了首字母AO,作为品牌名称简写,使其能够被更加快速地识别和传播。在将「平衡」概念转化为视觉传达时,我们采用了一个极其清晰、简练、流通的符号——横线——它笔直舒展,不偏不倚。这条横线与Animō Omnis中,小写字母ō原有的音标巧妙呼应。我们将它介入到A与O两个字母之间,调整间距与比例关系,构建出AO专属的品牌图形,成为品牌宝贵的视觉资产。In order to solve understanding and memory difficulties of \"Animō Omnis\" in Chinese context, we extracted the initial letters AO as the abbreviation of the brand name, so that it can be identified and spread more quickly.When transforming the concept of \"balance\" into visual communication, we adopted an extremely clear, concise and circulating symbol--the horizontal line--which stretches straight and is unbiased. This horizontal line cleverly echoes the original phonetic symbol of the lowercase letter ō in Animō Omnis. We insert it between the letters A and O, adjust the distance and proportion, and build AO\'s exclusive brand graphics, which become the brand\'s precious visual assets.

为了不断巩固品牌的识别特征,把「平衡」概念广泛地植入到产品包装中,将这一概念转化成了更加具象的设计语言。严格等分的布局、均衡协调的外观,增强了包装形式感,让AO的产品形象在保持专业化、国际化气质的基础上,拥有了更加统一的视觉主线。In order to continuously consolidate the brand\'s identification features and implant the concept of \"balance\" into product packaging, we have transformed this concept into a more concrete design language. Strictly equal-division layout and balanced and coordinated appearance enhance the sense of packaging form, allowing AO\'s product image to have a more unified visual mainline on the basis of maintaining professional and international temperament.

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