°Chulee Cake 初厘蛋糕
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描述:CHULEE初厘是爱达乐旗下品牌之一,是以“经典、精致、健康、自然美学”为核心的社交型蛋糕品牌,CHULEE初厘始终坚持以“美食与美”的品牌理念,为都市品质人群提供蛋糕 社交 空间的欢聚生活方式,以欢聚场景为核心的产品规划,以更高品质的食材,精心制作的各类蛋糕产品,借以蛋糕,传递CHULEE初厘的生活美学态度。 CHULEE is one of ADDLOVE's brands. It is a "classic, refined and aesthetic" social cake brand. CHULEE has always adhered to the brand core concept of "food and beauty" to provide urban quality people with cakes social space for a happy life The way, the product planning with the gathering scene as the core, with higher-quality ingredients, carefully crafted various cake products, and through cakes, convey the life aesthetic attitude of CHULEE.

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经典和温暖都是相对抽象的概念,很难直接联想到某个具象的图形,因此初厘品牌形象的创作的核心命题是:如何将抽象的概念转化成具象的图形表达?Both classic and warmth are relatively abstract concepts, which are difficult to directly associate with a concrete graphic, so the core proposition of the creation of the brand image of Chouli is: how to transform the abstract concept into a concrete graphic expression?

温暖:我们认为温暖既是一种客观的触感,也是一种主观的情感,如烛光的温暖、家庭的温暖、亲情的温暖、阳光的温暖。也有38℃——烘焙出炉后的最佳温度,散发新鲜的香味,唤醒每个清晨该有的元气。20℃——最让人觉得舒服的温度,就连与你的距离,也显得刚刚好。因此我们找到了一个全世界都通用的符号——℃去表达温暖的概念。Warmth: We believe that warmth is both an objective touch and a subjective emotion, such as the warmth of candlelight, the warmth of family, the warmth of affection, the warmth of sunlight. There is also 38℃ - the best temperature after baking out of the oven, emitting fresh fragrance and awakening the vitality that should be in every morning. 20℃ - the most comforting temperature, even the distance from you, seems just right. So we found a symbol common all over the world - ℃ to express the concept of warmth.

经典:我们认为经典并不是复古、陈旧的意思,而是久经时间沉淀下来的文化,可以是具象的物件、音乐、绘画等,也可以是某种文化符号,如一种经典的字体——helvetica.Classic: We believe that classic does not mean retro or old, but a culture that has been precipitated over time, which can be a figurative object, music, painting, etc., or a cultural symbol, such as a classic font - helvetica.

最终,我们用经典的helvetica字体作为品牌标准用字,并在品牌英文名“Chulee”前添加一个小圆圈以表达℃的概念。在实际的应用中,任何C开头的单词前加上一个小圈,都可以成为°Chulee品牌概念的表达。Finally, we used the classic helvetica font as the brand standard and added a small circle in front of the brand name \"Chulee\" to express the concept of ℃. In practical application, any word beginning with C preceded by a small circle can be an expression of the °Chulee brand concept.

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