Typo LA | 洛杉矶字体设计交流会标识
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描述:TypoLA is an international design conference that takes place at the Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography, Los Angeles. This project designs the visual identity for TypoLA. This design’s principal part is a wordmark to be adapted in event branding deliverables such as posters, badges, and t-shirts. The final products are positive and negative versions of posters for public communication and facade of a building, event badges, T-shirts, tote bags, and mugs. 这个字体设计作品是为洛杉矶的一场国际字体设计会议”TypoLA“ 而做的,这次会议将邀请世界各地的设计师共同交流和分享经验。尽管分享者和观众来自不同的文化背景,但在这场会议中他们都共同关注着字体设计的当下和未来——如果让我们的会议LOGO:TypoLA变成不同语言会怎么样呢?

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The key visual story of this word-mark poster design is cultural diversity and communication. The word-mark “TypoLA” has variations based on the shape of the lower case letter “LA” to simulate the alphabet in different languages. The juxtaposition of these subtly varied “TypoLA” demonstrates how the international design conference respects differences from multiple cultures and how it offers a chance for everyone to get mingled and sparks new insight into typography design. 这个设计尝试用有趣的形状变化,让观众一下子感觉到这个形状的字母来自于某一种他们曾经见过的语言,但是这个形状并没有在该语言中实际对应的字母。因此一种熟悉又陌生的动态感就传达给了观者,这个设计也创造了一种友好的氛围,鼓励人们在这场研讨会中,跨越语言和文化的不同,共同分享自己的看法。

The facade of the HMCT decorated in TypoLA design.

Event poster at the conference site.

Event badge for speakers, visitors and staff.

Event T-shirt.

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