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客户:The Tridea Project
网址:Under construction

描述:The Tridea Project was borne from the desire to address social divisions with Tridea’s overarching aim to promote inclusion, collaboration and altruism. This project embraces social and cultural diversity and fosters a culture of creative trust by inviting creatives from around the world to participate in an international collaborative form of the Surrealist parlour game, ‘The Exquisite Corpse‘. The Exquisite Corpse is a method of collaging numerous designs by several artists into one collaborative composition. A creative mash-up, with international participants collaborating to produce one multicultural creative piece. The artworks generated will be displayed on the online gallery and subsequently sold as high resolution downloads. All profits from the sales will be donated to charity TWC2; coalescing international creative communities, building bridges and providing a channel for diverse collaboration.

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Logo Animated Gif

The Tridea brand marque is a graphic representationof the Tridea brand identity and as a primary identifiermust be present on all Tridea communications.The exquisite corpse is a Victorian parlour game favoured bythe art movement of Surrealism. The Tridea logo representsthe three part structure of the game and links to the revealat the end. Tridea represents making connections and embracing differences to create a culture of creative trust.

The Tridea brand marque is available in primary and secondaryformats. The primary format should be used if possible.The Tridea brand marque is also supplied as an animated GIF file foruse in any digital brand collateral and as per the conceptual approachof the print based marque it is representative of the Surrealist Parlourgame, the exquisite corpse with a three stage ‘reveal’. The animationshould run one time only and should not be on a time loop.

The Tridea colour pallet has been chosen to be fresh,modern and diverse, just like our participants!The primary colour of our pallet is a deeppurple which is rich, dark and bold.The secondary colour pallet offers a juxtaposition in that thecolours are slightly more muted and are well suited to highlighttypography and create contrast in print based and digital layouts.

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