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客户:Shanghai Newel TEX-TECH Co., Ltd 上海宝旺坊纺织科技有限公司

描述:reenGreen brand is specially engaged in the development and production of environmental protection and green products, at first growing from mask production and then getting involved in development and production of organic food, environmental protection textile fabrics, toiletries, etc. Logo is designed in combination with green concept to use the element of four-leaf clover, symbolizing green environmental protection. Folk legend has it standing for luck when you find a four-leaf clover, so it carries luck, ease and happiness.reengreen品牌 致力于环保绿色产品开发与生产,以口罩生产为起点,之后将覆盖有机食物,环保纺织面料,洗漱用品等全品类的开发与生产。logo设计结合绿色理念,选用四叶草这一元素,象征绿色环保,并借用见到四叶草代表着幸运这一民间传说,传递一份幸运、轻松与欢乐。

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