Smart Commercial Solar
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客户:Smart Commercial Solar

描述:Smart Commercial Solar are changing the face of commercial energy usage in Australia and are a major disruptor in the commercial solar space. Their young team, superior engineering, trusted relationships, creative approach to project innovation, financing capabilities and profound agility, fuels their mission to instill true change in how energy is used and sold by Australian businesses. They partner with some of Australias biggest companies, delivering huge energy savings and success towards environmental targets. This rebrand project represents a long-term relationship whereby a strong, capable aesthetic was paired with a friendly and sunny tone. The brand was designed to appeal to an audience who wants to deal with good people that know what they are doing, in an industry where a lot of trust has dissolved from a few bad apples. Throughout the duration of this project we developed a new logo, defined a brand idea, tone of voice and brand mission, and brought structure to their vi

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