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描述:The goal behind the merger of AALU and GAMA was to unite the life insurance industry under one umbrella to advocate, educate and elevate the profession at a time of intensifying financial challenges for Americans. Our strategy centered around the mission-driven message – ‘Financial security for all’ – both inspiring the new Finseca name and becoming a rallying cry to protect the financial wellbeing of everyone: individuals, families and businesses. The Finseca shield, a forward looking emblem of protection, with twin ‘FF’ at its core, references collaboration and the coming together of two organizations. The distinctive purple suggests both tradition and technology. The visual identity is built with crops of the shield used as supergraphics and the bold friendly Poppins font. Our brand work met with an enthusiastic and emotional response from the Board and members and has proven its worth in doubling membership membership and helping provide Financial Security for All.

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Still from 3d rendering to use as brand image

Logo lockup in Finseca Purple

Desktop and mobile website

Logo development

Convention mockup

Poster campaign

Instagram styling

Linkedin styling

Banners to hang around the Washington DC area

Finseca Focus: a monthly magazine for Finseca members

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