Shizuoka Professional University of Agriculture
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客户:Shizuoka Professional University of Agriculture

描述:Shizuoka Professional University of Agriculture (SPUA) and Shizuoka Professional University Junior College of Agriculture (SPJCA) are Japan’s first Professional University for agriculture and forestry. Scheduled to open in 2020, SPUA is a four-year professional university aimed at producing professionals to work in the agricultural and forestry industries through hands-on learning. Studies center on practical work, and include internships with agricultural and forestry businesses and research projects focusing on on-site assignments. Yoske Mitsui was assigned to create the visual identity system including logo and appropriate colors for both print and digital media. The design concept is based on the image of a single leaf in the center of emitting light, so that the students will be able to light-up the future of agriculture and forestry industry with their hope.

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