Idyllic Light 面包片包装设计
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描述:With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more people will pay more attention to their health, and the number of fitness people also increases. In addition to their daily fitness, they also pay special attention to "eating" healthily. "No sugar, low fat, low calorie" has become a key word for bodybuilders to choose healthy ingredients. And whole wheat bread, as a healthy carbohydrate, is loved by everyone. And fitness crowd according to the different goal, all have their own fitness plan. In recent years, the popular "daily attendance" is also a popular way to push yourself to achieve your goals. Therefore, I combined the "daily attendance" with a healthy diet to create a bread slice packaging design I often eat.随着人们生活水平的提高,越来越多的人会重视自己的身体健康,健身人士的数量也随之上升。除了日常健身之外,他们还会特别重视“吃”得健康。 “无糖、低脂、低卡”成为健身人士挑选健康食材的关键词。而全麦面包作为一种健康的碳水,深受大家的喜爱。而健身人群根据目标的不同,都有自己的健身计划。近年来很流行的“打卡”也是督促自己实现目标的一种热门方式。因此,我将“打卡”与健康饮食相结合,制作款健康的面包片包装设计。面包片包装整体采用透明PVC材质,给消费者直观健康本色。将“卡路里、蛋白质、脂肪”明确标于包装正面,让消费者能直观的选择

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The packaging of wholewheat bread slices

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