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描述:中医药学,作为中国解决疾病的治疗方法可以追溯到远古时代,中药具有神秘的、几乎神奇的益处,并且现在在世界范围内越来越流行,现在越来越多的人喜欢使用中药,来补充或替代西药。然而,真正了解中药的人在国外并不多,所以出现了很多使用不规范的现象和笑话,造成许多滥用和误用的情况。因此,对于中药正确的交流和理解是很重要的,所以我的目的是通过以简单易懂的图形化形式进行传播,突出中国中草药的特殊性质和药理作用,让中草药可以以规范系统的形式,以全新的视觉形象在海外世界中进行传播。The practice of using Chinese Herbal Medicines as remedies of many illnesses goes back to ancient times with mysterious, almost magical benefits have grown in popularity worldwide because many people prefer to use complementary or alternative methods of treatment. However, there are not many people who really understand this traditional medicine outside China and there have been many instances of wrong use and abuse as it is not regulated. Therefore correct communication and understanding is important, So my aim is to clarify its meaning in this Visual Brand, highlighting its special properties and effects, and help the survival and assimilation of an indigenous health system in a modern world.

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