RISD Museum 罗德岛设计学院博物馆
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标签: Rebranding  博物馆  艺术组织  品牌再设计 

博物馆Rebranding: RISD Museum 罗德岛设计学院博物馆

罗德岛设计学院博物馆是一个美国罗德岛设计学院旗下的博物馆组织。其创立于1877年,收集藏品既有古代的雕塑、油画,也有当代的摄影、家具作品等。其创立的目的是希望创造一个公民能够参与的开放平台,促进艺术机构、艺术家与教育者之间的交流。Established in 1877 as part of a vibrant creative community, the RISD Museum stewards works of art representing diverse cultures from ancient times to the present. The museum aims to promote broad civic engagement,creating more open societies among art institutions, artists, and educators.

标志设计。 Logo采用了罗德岛设计学院博物馆的首字母RM作为主要打造元素。Logo的形状以博物馆建筑——两栋以连廊连接的大楼——为启发,象征着艺术院校与博物馆之间的交融与碰撞。Logo Design. The Logo takes the first letters of RISD Museum, \"RM\", as its name. The connecting shape of R and M resembles the museum architecture, which is composed of two separate buildings connected by a single hallway. The shape also signifies the unique communication between art instituions and museums.

主题颜色以橘红色为主,象征罗德岛的红砖建筑。而黑色与灰色的介入又为品牌添加了未来感和科技感。Primary Colors are reddish orange, black, and grey. The orange references the architecture in Providence, where the museum sits, while the black and the grey adds a modern feeling to the brand.

明信片设计。Postcard Design.

周边应用。Stationery Mockups.

该图案可作为博物馆网站加载页面图标。The design can also be applied to the loading animation of the museum website.


网站动画故事板。罗德岛博物馆的新形象以一系列以“Re、”开头的英文单词作为网站标语,如动画中出现的Redefine(再定义), Rediscover(再发现), Redesign(再设计)。动画模仿了电脑屏保系统动画。Animation Storyboard. The animation is designed for the museum website. A series of words beginning with \"re\" are displayed sequentially as the floating logo touches the border. Those words are the motto from the RISD museum rebranding.

网站设计示例:由上到下分别为博物馆网站首页、期刊页、藏品展示页。Website examples: (from top to bottom)web splash page, publication page, and the collection page.

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