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描述:NEEDONE为功能饮料,此产品为气泡功能饮料,而且品牌名称叫逆动,所以以圆为创作出旋转图形,有逆向感觉的视觉元素。产品主要销售于酒吧,用于调制各类型鸡尾酒,所以色彩采用黑色。圆形图形使用露银工艺,利用材质特性,产生色彩强烈的色彩对比冲击。从而突出产品特性及品牌名称. NEEDONE is a functional beverage, this product is a bubble functional beverage, and the brand name is called reverse, so the circle as the creation of rotating graphics, there is a visual element of reverse feeling.Products are mainly sold in bars, used to make various types of cocktails, so the color is black.Round graphics use the dew silver process, using the material characteristics, resulting in strong color contrast impact.In order to highlight product characteristics and brand name.

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NEEDONE为功能饮料,市场定位为夜场酒吧,用于调制各种鸡尾酒!NEEDONE is a functional beverage,The market is positioned as a night bar,Used to make a variety of cocktails!

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