Tenwolves 电子烟
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客户:Septwolves Group(Asia) Investments Limited


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Tenwolves 电子烟


Tenwolves E-Cigarette

The package uses the image of wolf. Due to its mysterious characteristics, we draw totem from wolf\'s face by adding distinguished identification characteristics to improve the brand memory. It takes black as the background color to highlight e-cigarette\'s cool fashion features and distinguish the fruits tastes with different packaging colors. The whole package uses bronzing printing to raise its level and is embossed with wolf\'s head to enhance the stereoscopic effect.Established in 1995, Septwolves cigarette is a local cigarette brand in Fujian Province, China. Now its brand topped all cigarettes in Fujian Province, ranking among the best cigarettes in China. Tenwolves is an e-cigarette product owned by Septwolves Group (Asia) Investments Co., Ltd. that offers a unique variety of flavors for a better electronic liquid taste experience. In 2019, we designed the packaging for this product and refined the creative spirit after profound understanding of Septwolves\' corporate and brand

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