West Virginia Hemp Exhibition and Hootenanny
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客户:West Virginia Hemp Exhibition and Hootenanny

描述:I was tasked with developing a logo for the First Annual West Virginia Hemp Exhibition and Hootenanny in Lewisburg, West Virginia, in Greenbrier County. The client’s aim was to allow the general public to learn how to be involved with this growing international industry. At the event, business and agricultural exhibitors will display hemp products and illustrate the benefits this plant and sustainable industry can have for our health and our environment. For my logo, I created the main eye-catching central element as the hemp leaf. Surrounding the leaf are mountain-like forms (referencing West Virginia), which lead out into stylized banjos (as any good hootenanny has music). The type itself relates back to the style of the rest of the logo. This came together as a one-color logo, which allows the design to be affordably printed on shirts and marketing materials. It also lends itself well to special printing options, such as a gold foil option.

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