Chang'e flying to the moon
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描述:Chang'e is the Chinese goddess of the Moon, the story has been written by Max Lin a Chinese writer. I finished this book last year. My Technique is oil colors and pen.

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Hou Yi (后羿) decided that enough was enough. He raised his bow to the heavens and shot down nine of the ten suns.

Chang\'e (Hou Yi\'s wife) said the city gets cold without sun!

Hou-Yi has forgotten his wife his people, immersed in power and wealth.

The queen gave him an immortality elixir.

Hou-yo behavior appalled people.

Chang\'e grabbed the elixir stealthily.

She drank the elixir. Suddenly she transformed into a... fly to the moon.

people are happy, because Chang\'e saved them from cruel Hou-Yi.

Chang\'e is on the moon, and the queen gives her a rabbit.

During the Mid-Autumn, people will commonly place fruits and sweets on open air altars for Chang’e to bless.

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