Animal City / 动物城市
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客户:National Art Museum of China (中国美术馆)

描述:为中国美术馆馆藏任伯年作品,进行拟人化的角色设计,并延展到文创产品。提取绘画作品中动物的肢体特点、花卉植物的形态作为元素,融入到角色的服装及配饰设计中。通过喝咖啡、看书、购买礼品的场景,突出中国美术馆休闲区“咖啡厅、书店、文创产品商店”一体化的特点。The series of characters design was based on Ren Bonian's work in NAMOC and extended to derivative products, including postcards, stickers and mugs. The color of the paintings, shape of plants are extracted as elements integrated into the costume design. Drinking coffee, reading and shopping corresponding to three functional areas in NAMOC, which are Cafe, Book store and Gift shop.

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