Time flies
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描述:望夜空星斗汇成星河,照亮远行者的脚步,看大地家火聚为城宵,指明归乡者的旅途。而这方钟塔,立于夜空之下大地之上,确无星光馈赠,无灯火温暖,无人离去。亦无人归来,唯有无尽的幽暗拥抱着它及它的守钟人。守钟人轻抿粗茶,缓呼寒气,只有那规则咬合的齿轮和不停转动的指针还能证明他的存在,还能欣赏他的呼吸。他望向窗外,他已分不清那透进钟楼的微光到底是晨光还是星照,他为人们守护着易去的时间,确唯独迷失在了无尽飞逝的时间中。滴答滴答…是时间的脚步,亦是他生命的回响…Look at the night sky stars converged into a river, to illuminate the footsteps of those traveling far, see the earth home fire gathered for the city night, indicating the journey of those returning home.And the tower, which stood above the earth under the night sky, had no starlight, no warm glow, and no one left.No one comes back, only endless darkness embraces it and its watchman.The keeper of the clock, as he sipped his thick tea and breathed his cold, could only be proved by the regular teeth of his wheel and the constant turning of his hands, and could still enjoy his breath.He looked out of the window. He could no longer tell whether the light that penetrated the belvedere was morning or star. He guarded the time for the people, but he was lost in the endles

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