Insomnia Fantasia
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描述:I am a severe insomniac. When I close my eyes at night, I always fear the feeling of going to sleep, as if I will enter another world. In this regard, I would like to use this concept to study the reasons for people's deep fear of sleep, and explore the inner world of people before going to bed.我是一个重度失眠患者,每当晚上睡前闭上眼的时候,我总是害怕那种即将入睡的感觉,仿佛让我觉得会进入另一个世界。对此我想借此概念来研究人们内心深处恐惧入睡的原因。

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The main concept of this single illustration originates from my associations before I fall asleep in fear. In every corner of the picture, there is something I fear. Visual guidance guides the sequence of images.

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