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描述:The outbreak of COVID-19 attached all people’s attention around the world. While focusing on the epidemic itself, actually the incidents revealed many social problems in Chinese society as well. They reflected the dark side of human heart.新型冠状病毒的爆发是全球人民的焦点。在关注疫情本身的时候,事实上,一些疫情期间发生的事件同时揭示了很多国内的社会问题。它们反映了人心慢慢变异成黑暗的一面。

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Wuhan Red Cross corruption and inaction, the interruption of CCTV live events. People in front of TV remembered this moment.

The day of Dr.Li wenliang’s death, government officials staged a dramatic rescue, which liked a joke directed by a circus clown.

It is not known where the virus originated. However, the inaction of the wuhan government led to the bias of public opinion towards China, and some Chinese people abroad began to be discriminated against.

Fake masks are no doubt a matter of moral depravity. cat-goblins run dark factories, and ignorant civilians sing and dance like rats.

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