White Rabbit
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描述:I once raised a white rabbit when I was young. Taking this as inspiration, I created this picture book, telling the story of a magical white rabbit transforming into different shapes at night to lead a girl on an adventure.

标签: Handdrawing  children illustration  picture book 

In the garden, it turns into a swing - a long swing hanging in the tree so that I can hear the owls whispering.

It turns into a balloon. We climb up the elephant whose long curved nose is the best slide in the world.

It turns into stairs that leads to high sky. I can reach the moon that is bright and round.

We want to fly even higher, so it turns into a spaceship, taking us to another planet where aliens are holding a wonderful party.

But it is too cold there. We arrive at the end of the universe. It turns into a submarine, in which we can see jellyfish dancing.

Back on land, it turns into a yellow rabbit with long legs. It takes me to hills through forests.

We run to another city where it is displaying fireworks that light up the dark sky. Gorgeous booms of fireworks in the sky are just like beautiful butterflies.

The butterfly flies me among the thick grass where mushrooms are singing. We listen to songs quietly. The rain drips like a perfect ensemble of lullabies.

It rains heavier and heavier so that we have to hide in a tree hole. All the butterflies have disappeared, a girl with bunny ears is preparing snacks.

A tiny rabbit jumps out of her cup. Then another one, two, three, and even more, just like glowworms, more and more, brighter and brighter. The night sky is lit up, so is the world. Day time comes.

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