2020s 20 New Technology Trends
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描述:This series is my graduation work during the MA period. During the coronavirus period , I realized the relationship between technology, human beings and life. These works were inspired by an article from BBC science focus by Rob Banino. It mentions the technological development trends of the 2020s. I want to let my audience know more about technology from these works, and let people pay more attention to this topic through my illustrations.这一系列是我在文学硕士期间的毕业作品。 在疫情期间,我意识到了技术,人类与生活之间的联系。也正是在这段时间里,我开始关注更多的新闻。 不同领域的人对这种病毒有不同的看法。 许多领域的领导人也谈到了这一点, 他们的观点给我带来了许多不同的见解。 这项工作的灵感来自BBC科学焦点的一篇文章。 它提到了2020年代的技术发展趋势

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