Orange House
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描述:人最无法避的是生死一提到生死离别,就让人很难过倒不是说不能生活,却有一种“断”了,被撕裂了的感觉斯人已逝,生者如斯。随着时间的流逝自己仿佛能平静下来看待或许正有了生死,才让生命更加的宝贵、有意义。虽然有些东西你不曾见,可它并不是不存在提着意识的灯笼,行走在日常生活的边缘,我试着用我的作品去探索What man hardly avoid is the gap between live and deathwe had no sooner spoken it than we felt sadIt is not something we can’t live ,but with the feeling of being broken and tornOne is dead and the live one will move on,with the flow of time somehow we can look at death peacefully.Perhaps only the existence of death makes life become more valuable and meaningful.Something does exist even though you have never seen it beforeHolding a lantern of mind, walking through the edge of daily life,I try to explore it with my work

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向死而生,赋予了生命的魅力,曹雪芹在红楼梦中有这么一个对子——假作真时真亦假,无为有处有还无,很有意思,这是对我啰啰嗦嗦的感想的最终总结,也是我的灵感来源。我认为人的灵魂在未知的领域是有共通的,或许就是最常说的心灵感应——连接生与死To be born to die gives life its charm.Cao Xueqin has such a pair in the dream of the Red Chamber -- false is true when you think it is true,Where there is nothing, there is something, very interesting,This is the final summary of my rambling feelings and the source of my inspiration.I think the human soul is universal in uncharted territory,perhaps it is telepathy we talk about——it”s connecting live and death.

我们是客观规律中的人物生命就像浪花一样是不断重复更替的对于宇宙来说我们只是很小的一粒繁星但哪怕如此,生命也是美丽的We are characters living in objective lawLife is just like spindrift that being replaced repeatedlyTo the universe we are nothing but a tiny starEven so,life is beautiful

孤独与想念是难熬的特别是明白了生命本该如此虽是委屈的、痛苦的但生活要继续,这或许就是生命存在的意义Being alone and missing someone is hard to get throughEspecially when we realize how life supposed to be Even with pain and grievanceLife goes on ,and that is probably what life is for

生命何尝不是一个循环的过程如同一个莫比乌斯环你所认为的终结也许也是新生的开始Life is a cycleIt\'s like a Mobius ring

与灵魂物质一般光是温暖的,不可触摸的,一瞬即逝的可光却又是必然存在的就像橙色的部分,温热发光Like soul materialsLight is a flinck ,warm and untouchableBut it does existIt is like orange , warm and glowing

——黑橙空间或许,时空是重叠的,人与人的距离在时间中体现两个盒子如同薛定谔的猫,在眼睛无法看到的世界里,生命在延续,是另一番景象情绪是双面的,现在的我更愿意去传递这份橙意,分享给更多的人——the space of black and orangePerhaps space and time overlap and the distance between people is reflected in time,The two boxes are like Schrodinger”s cats. In a world that cannot be seen by the eye, life continues.It is a different sceneEmotions have two sides.Now I am more willing to pass on the orange meaning and share it with more people

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