荆棘公主( Princess bramble)
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从前有个国王,结婚多年一直没有孩子。国王和王后每天向上帝祷告,乞求给他们一个孩子。Once upon a time, there was a king who had no children after years of marriage. Every day the king and queen prayed to God for a child.有一次,王后洗澡时,一只青蛙从水里爬出来,对她说:“呱呱,你的愿望就要实了,很快你就会有一个女孩子。”果然,不久王后就怀孕了,九个月后生下了一个非常漂亮的女孩,国王高兴极了,决定举行一次盛大的宴会来庆祝。Once, when the queen took a bath, a frog climbed out of the water and said to her, \"quack, your wish will come true. Soon you will have a girl.\" Sure enough, the queen soon became pregnant and gave birth to a very beautiful girl nine months later. The king was so happy that he decided to hold a grand banquet to celebrate.

他便请亲朋好友,还邀请了女预言家们。国内有十三个女预言家,可是,宴会上供她们吃饭的金盘子只有十二只,所以,她们中有一个人没被邀请,留在了家里。He invited relatives, friends and prophets. There are 13 female prophets in China, but there are only 12 gold plates for them to eat at the banquet. Therefore, one of them is not invited to stay at home.

豪华的宴会上气氛很热烈,结束时,出席宴会的十二个女预言家纷纷送给孩子最美好的祝词,有祝她讲“道德”的,有祝她“美丽”的,有祝她有“财富”的。At the end of the luxurious banquet, twelve female prophets present gave their children the best wishes, one for her morality, the other for her beauty and the other for her wealth.

说完,转身离去了。所有人都大吃一惊,这时,那还没说出自己祝词的第十二个女预言家走上前来,她虽然不能取消那个凶恶的咒语,但能把它加以缓和,她说:“我祝愿公主倒下去不是死掉,而是熟睡一百年。”Then he turned and left. Everyone was shocked. At this time, the twelfth prophetess who had not yet uttered her message came forward. Although she could not cancel the vicious spell, she could ease it. She said, \"I wish the princess not to die, but to sleep a hundred years.\"

国王为了使心爱的女儿免遭不幸,下令把全国的纺锤都烧掉。公主渐渐长大,正如女预言家们所希望的那样,美丽、聪慧、温和。在她快满十五岁时,有一天国王、王后有事出去了,小公主一人留在宫中。她到处转悠,想看看各处的房间。最后她来到一座古老的钟楼旁,仿佛有一种神秘的力量吸引着她,使她非常想上去看看。In order to save his beloved daughter from misfortune, the king ordered that all the spindles in the country be burned. The princess grew up, as the prophets hoped, beautiful, intelligent and gentle. When she was about to turn 15, one day the king and the queen went out and the little princess stayed alone in the palace. She wandered around to see the rooms. At last, she came to an old bell tower, as if there was a mysterious power that attracted her and made her want to go up and have a look.

她走上窄窄的楼梯,来到一扇小门前。她轻轻一碰,门就开了,里面坐着个老太婆,手里拿着一个纺锤,正在纺线。公主说:“你好,老妈妈,你在做什么呀?”老太婆说:“我在纺线。你看,挺有趣的,你愿意来试试吗?”小公主一点也没想到有什么危险,伸手接过纺锤。于是,咒语实现了,纺锤戳到了公主的手指,她立刻倒在一张床上睡着了。She went up the narrow stairs to a small door. She touched it lightly, and the door opened, and there sat an old woman with a spindle in her hand, spinning. \"Hello, old mother,\" said the princess, \"what are you doing?\" The old woman said, \"I\'m spinning. You see, it\'s interesting. Would you like to have a try? \" The little princess did not think of any danger at all. She reached for the spindle. So the spell came true, and the spindle poked the princess\'s finger, and she immediately fell asleep on a bed.

公主倒下的一刹那,睡眠病便传染了整个皇宫,所有的人和动物都停止了运动,沉沉的睡去。国王和王后从外面回来,一进大厅也睡着了。一切都静止了,连王宫前面树上的叶子,也一动不动。The moment the princess fell, the sleeping sickness infected the whole palace. All the people and animals stopped moving and fell asleep. The king and queen came back from the outside and fell asleep as soon as they entered the hall. Everything was still, even the leaves on the tree in front of the palace.

不久,王宫周围就长起了一道玫瑰花树的篱笆,这篱笆越长越高,最后把整个王宫遮盖得严严实实,从外面一点也看不见了,但是关于睡美人的传说一直在国内流传着。时常有别国的王子来,想穿过玫瑰篱笆到王宫里去。可是那玫瑰树的藤蔓就像是人的手一样,缠得紧紧的,根本别想穿过去。那些王子都被玫瑰藤蔓缠住,再也脱不了身,最后悲惨地死去了。渐渐地,再也没人来冒险了。Before long, there was a rose tree fence around the palace. The longer the fence, the higher it was. At last, the whole palace was covered tightly. It was invisible from the outside. But the legend of sleeping beauty has been circulating in China. There are often princes from other countries who want to go to the palace through the rose fence. But the vines of the rose tree are like human hands. They are tightly wrapped and don\'t want to pass through at all. The princes were all entangled in Rose vines, could not get rid of themselves any more, and finally died miserably. Gradually, no one took any more risks.

一百年过去了。这天,又有一个王子来到这个国家,他听说了睡美人的故事,立刻就要去看她。人们都劝他别去,告诉他已有许多王子被玫瑰篱笆缠住死去。但是王子不怕,执意要去冒险。A hundred years have passed. On this day, another prince came to this country. He heard the story of sleeping beauty and would go to see her immediately. People advised him not to go and told him that many princes had been killed by the rose fence. But the prince was not afraid, determined to take risks.

王子走近玫瑰篱笆,见那篱笆上开满了又大又美丽的花,那些花在他面前自动分开,留出一条路来,王子就走了进去,篱笆又自动合拢了。王子走进了王宫的院子,看见马和猎狗们躺在地上睡觉,屋脊上蹲着鸽,头藏在翅膀下睡得正香。走进屋里,见苍蝇在墙上一动不动。厨房里,厨师伸着手,正要去抓一个做错事的小孩,就这样睡着了。女佣坐在一只黑母鸡前,手里正拉着母鸡的毛,也以这个姿势睡了一百年。王子走进大厅,见国王和王后躺在王位上酣睡,其他人横七竖八,躺了一地。四周静悄悄的,只听见他的脚步声在回荡。最后,王子来到钟楼旁,他走上楼梯,打开那扇小门,一眼就看见公主躺在里面的一张床上。她仍是那样美丽、动人,王子目不转睛地看着她,情不自禁地走上前,轻轻的吻了她一下。When the prince approached the rose fence, he saw that the fence was full of big and beautiful flowers. The flowers parted automatically in front of him, leaving a way for him. The prince went in and the fence closed automatically. The prince went into the palace yard and saw horses and hounds lying on the ground sleeping, pigeons crouching on the roof, their heads hidden under their wings sleeping soundly. Entering the room, I saw the fly still on the wall. In the kitchen, the chef reached out and was about to catch a child who had done something wrong, so he fell asleep. The maid sat in front of a black hen, holding the hen\'s hair, and slept in this position for a hundred

忽然,公主睁开了眼睛,看见王子,害羞地坐了起来。王子拉着她的手,走出了小屋。这时,国王和王后醒了,宫里所有的人都醒了,大家睁大眼互相望着,一点也不知道自己已睡了一百年。院子里的马站了起来,踢甩着马蹄,猎狗吠叫着,到处乱窜;屋脊上的鸽子张开翅膀,扑落落飞上了蓝天;墙上的苍蝇来回爬动,寻找着美味佳肴;厨师一把抓住了孩子,打得他哇哇叫;女佣继续拔着鸡毛。Suddenly, the princess opened her eyes, saw the prince and sat up shyly. The prince took her hand and walked out of the hut. At this time, the king and the queen woke up, and all the people in the palace woke up. They looked at each other with wide eyes and did not know that they had slept for a hundred years. The horses in the yard stood up, kicked and swung their hooves, the hounds barked and scurrying around; the pigeons on the ridge spread their wings and flew to the blue sky; the flies on the wall crawled back and forth looking for delicious food; the cook seized the child and beat him to scream; the maid continued to pluck chicken feathers.

一切又变得生气勃勃热热闹闹。王子与公主举行了婚礼,幸福地白头偕老。Everything became lively and boisterous again. The prince and the princess had a wedding, and they lived happily together.

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