D1 DEYOU 2019
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描述:Deyou is a world-leading real estate agency. In 2019, Deyou held its second annual brand conference D1in Zhuhai, China. Over 3000 agents and management team attended this 2-day meeting. During the conference, Deyou summarized its past year performance and published its plan for the following year. D1 conferenceinvited nation-wide star agents to present and share their valuable experiences and rewarded them to facilitate the advancement in the agency industry. 德佑是全球规模领先的房产经纪品牌。2019年,德佑于中国珠海举办了第二届该品牌的年度盛会:D1大会。三千余德佑品牌下的经纪人与管理者参加了为期两天的会议。会议期间,德佑品牌总结了过去一年的成绩并发布未来一年的品牌计划。D1大会邀请了全国的行业精英分享其实践经验,同时为获奖者授勋,从而推动经纪行业的交流与进步。

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Visual Design

From the online dimension to real-life implementation, from the initial stage marketing to end result delivery, the design fully expanded the Key Vison across the project’s life span, enriched a long-term media propagation. 从线上、线下传播的维度,再从预热到开始的时间跨度上,对主KV做了丰富的“生长”延展,让长周期的传播更有趣。

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