Xinjiang Tourism Branding
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客户:Xinjiang Tourism Administration

描述:The aim of this design is to create a set of branding identity for Xinjiang Tourism Administration, promoting its local culture.The challenge is to come up with a readable typeface design that is also understandable by foreigners. The spearhead of the identity - Xinjiang tourism logo was inspired by the most recognizable Xinjiang culture element - dance. the logo was designed based on the graceful dance movement, together with the Chinese characters (新疆)Xinjiang. some of the strikes have been then replaced by certain elements that represent Xinjiang - e.g. Tianshan mountain, camel and porcelain. The entire identity was based on the using Chinese typeface to reflect the key elements of the city: transportation, food, architecture, culture and landscape. For example, the icon: food was written in Chinese but twisted into a shape of kebab which is the most significant snack in Xinjiang, as a result, both locals and foreign tourists could get a grasp on the meaning of each element.

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main logo design

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ticket pack

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