FOSSIL (FlyOver-State Scientists Integrating evoLution) Logo
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客户:FOSSIL (FlyOver-State Scientists Integrating evoLution) Conference

描述:FOSSIL (FlyOver-State Scientists Integrating evoLution) is a brand new regional conference created by Oklahoma State University in Spring, 2019, to bring together evolutionary social scientists across fields and universities from less-traveled states in the United States. In early August 2019, the first annual FOSSIL conference was held successfully at Stillwater, OK. The audience of the brand primarily focused on evolutionary social scientists and scholars as well as graduate students in corresponding disciplines. The goal in using overlapping profile silhouettes of the skulls of Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo sapien, and Neanderthal was to represent the progression of human evolution over time and through the logo. The piece successfully communicates to and represents the target audience.

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