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描述:A finance firm with a history of 130 years, Baillieu Holst faced a major obstacle to their future business growth – a negative perception of the business as dated and out of touch. In order to create a modern, progressive and truly national wealth management, institutional and corporate advisory brand, the history of the business needed to be turned into its greatest strength. We collaborated with Manifesto to undertake internal and external stakeholder research and create a brand strategy that would effectively reposition the organisation. As part of the rebranding exercise, the name of the business was shortened from ‘Baillieu Holst’ to ‘Baillieu’. The brand idea ‘Mastery of Change’ describes Baillieu’s proven ability to stay at the forefront of change in financial and investment markets. Through considered visual and verbal communication the brand expresses both the future focus of the business and the benefit more than 100 years of experience brings to new and existing clients.


Baillieu Identity

Baillieu brand film

Baillieu brand film

Baillieu brand marketing collateral and icons

Baillieu brand marketing collateral

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