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描述:RightShip is the world’s leading maritime risk management and environmental assessment organisation. It provides ship vetting services to help companies chartering ships make an informed decision on a particular vessel’s safety, risk factors and environmental performance. A stronger external voice for the organisation was needed to express the business vision, and its mission to improve the safety and environmental sustainability of the maritime industry. An evolved brand identity single-mindedly reinforces RightShip’s driving commitment to safety through both a forward focussed arrow and signature orange – a colour synonymous with maritime safety. The new identity has been rolled out across a broad scope of materials including printed literature, digital and print advertising, animation and completely redesigned website. Complex content and initiatives including the GHG (greenhouse gas) and sustainability rating systems were visually developed in a way that made the ratings easy t

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RightShip Identity

RightShip Identity - Photography

RightShip Identity - Marketing Collateral

RightShip Identity - Marketing Collateral

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