A brand to ignite creativity
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客户:Media Design School

描述:Based in Auckland, NZ, MDS is home to students from all over the world, boasting hordes of award-winning alumni in many areas of creative technology, from video game design to virtual and augmented reality, to 3D animation and VFX. Not having changed their look for the past twenty years, the school itself was progressing — moving toward radical new course offerings — while their brand remained bound to the rigidity of the past. MDS needed to switch up the conversation from tradition to innovation. Recognising the strength in the original brand idea (the spark of creativity that ignites at the moment of inspiration) we built on this to bring it into our 21st century world of technology and innovation. We developed a series of sparks to represent each of the courses offered by the school. Five key disciplines inform the design system and provide a base for endless iterations. With a variety of patterns, angles, colours, textures and lighting set ups, the sparks are ever evolving — shi

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Prospectus covers

Prospectus Spreads

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Instagram Stories

Website Designed and developed by Phantom (https://phantom.land/)

Course Types Skins and textures are mapped onto the basic model which, when captured at different angles feels like a new iteration every time.

Spark Detail

Spark Detail

Spark Detail

Spark Detail

Spark Detail


MDS Animation Teaser


Each course at MDS focusses on a different area within design and technology, so we built a brand that could transform for each discipline. On top of this the raw 3D spark model was given to students to create their own.

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