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客户:深圳雪莲花网络有限公司 Shenzhen Sharing Network Co.,Ltd.

描述:深圳雪莲花网络有限公司是一家致力于通过互联网拯救生命的新型科技公司,运用互联网及相关技术构建了献血乃至相关医疗服务的网络平台,成为其服务和运营者。整套符号的设计是从一个“人”形汉字DNA开始,它的生长、成熟、繁殖与裂变,涵盖和演绎了全部的形式与内容。Shenzhen Sharing Network Co.,Ltd. is a new technology company dedicated to saving lives through the Internet. It uses the Internet and related technologies to build a network platform for blood donation and related medical services, and becomes its service and operator. The design of the whole set of symbols starts from the DNA of a "human" Chinese character. Its growth, maturity, reproduction and fission cover and deduce all the form and content of brand.

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