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客户:雷恩北欧咨询管理有限公司/Line Nordic Consulting Oy

描述:Designer: Song YuhanProject Introduction: L.I.N.E. is a management consulting company with operations in Northern Europe and China. It provides strategic, organizational, operational and technical advice to companies and public institutions. Committed to helping local SMEs to improve their management skills and global competitiveness, and to provide advice to multinational companies seeking to expand their business in China, and also actively participate in the construction of Chinese public and cultural undertakings.Brand value: L-Loyalty:treats customers loyally; I-Inspiration:inspires customers; N-Novelty:novel customer concept; E-Excellency:outstanding customer service.设计:宋玉涵项目简介:雷恩公司是一家业务涉及北欧与中国的管理咨询公司,为企业和公共机构提供有关战略、组织、运营和技术方面的咨询。致力于帮助本土中小企业改善管理技能和提升全球竞争力,并为寻求在中国扩大业务的跨国企业提供咨询,同时也积极参与中国公共、文化事业建设。品牌价值:L –Loyalty 忠诚对待客户 ;I –Inspiration 激发客户灵感 ;N –Novelty 新颖客户理念 ;E –Excellency 卓越客户服务

标签: Logo design  Consulting management   

Based on the characteristics of the company and the brand value, we come up with these keywords: communication, management, the pursuit of excellence, and win-win cooperation. Transformed into graphics: dialogues, documents, stars, and partners, and then created the logo. 根据企业特性和品牌价值,我们得出这样几个关键词:沟通、管理、追求卓越、合作共赢。转化到图形上,则有了对话、文档、星形和伙伴,进而诞生了这个标志。

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