Storyful branding
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描述:Despite a role providing critical news verification and intelligence services, Storyful struggled with associations of frivolous viral video content. We helped pivot the organization and focus messaging, positioning them as the world’s social media intelligence agency, with the bold tagline ‘Making sense of the world’. The old orange logotype, which lacked gravitas, was upgraded to a serious deep blue, offset by a bold orange-red period that suggests the journalistic lens of scrutiny that is central to the organization’s offering, and is echoed as a graphic device within the broader identity.

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Storyful is making sense of the world.

Storyboard for Storyful animation

The Storyful lens symbolizes our ability to collate and analyze content to help us make sense of the world.

Powerpoint deck covers

Business card options

Brand book pages

Web graphics and icons

Type styles and options

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