POOMA 阿拉伯餐饮品牌
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客户:POOMA 阿拉伯餐饮品牌

描述:POOMA是一个将阿拉伯传统小吃年轻化的健康快食餐饮品牌,保留传统烹饪技艺,优选健康食材,让传统小吃更符合现代都市快节奏生活。 经典不曾被时间湮没,传统也可以变得时尚。设计灵感来源于阿拉伯传统书法和街头涂鸦图形。将两种形式融合,打造“年轻”的传统文化。 POOMA is a healthy fast food brand that rejuvenates traditional Arabic snacks. Not only does it continue to use traditional cooking methods, but it also selects best cooking materials. This new pattern is better in line with the fast life pact in modern cities. While customs lingering, traditions are decorated with fashionable elements. The design is inspired by traditional Arabic calligraphy and graffiti by the street. Merging these two elements comes to the “modern” traditional culture.

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