Judy Color Lab 品牌设计
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客户:JudyDoll 橘朵

描述:CN:背景:橘朵 judydoll 是速成长的国产彩妆品牌,以色彩创新为核心驱动的战略。2019年,为了探索更广阔的商业可能性,橘朵决定独立开辟一个新品牌 - Judy Color Lab,以创新实验室的方式,与时尚品牌、艺术家等开发联名合作,推出色彩解决方案与色彩创新产品。在设计层面 ,我们以“一场色彩的实验之旅”为核心概念,对比强烈的英文Logo以动态可变形的方式呈现,以体现“正在进行中的探索”,图形创意提取自色彩科学的基础元素:光波、色环、色彩矩阵等,并将多层次堆叠的视觉感受融入识别系统,以呼应“实验”、“探索”、“灵感收集”的视觉感受。当品牌推出具体的主题色时,主题色本身则成为识别系统的主角,形成“色卡”,与色号、主题名称、主题图像等信息一起呈现于堆叠的画面中。EN: Judydoll is a fast-growing Chinese cosmetic brand, the brand is known for its extensive range of colors. In 2019, Judydoll created a new brand - Judy Color Lab hoping to create a lifestyle through color innovation and cross-over with emerging artists and brands. We helped the client positioned Judy Color Lab as A cross-over platform brand focused on curating the lifestyle of being avant-garde, presenting brand essence by a portfolio of beauty and personal care with an extension of related accessories. Follow this positioning, the brand concept was developed as a journey of the color experiment.



Logo motion


System development

Inspired by the beauty of color science, we created a set of graphic elements represent light waves, color rings and color matrix, combined with a special layering system representing experiment, exploring and collecting. The identity system is designed to be versatile, so when the brand launches a different color scheme, it will maintain consistency.

Business card


Shopping bag

Scheme color

Scheme product

Scheme package


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