Speio Cosmetic Packging
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描述:The brand side is a paper packaging manufacturer with many years of experience. Through years of business accumulation, many large-name beauty customers have been precipitated. As a domestic manufacturer with an environmentally friendly production concept, in the process of business development, it was found that in addition to some major brands with ecological and environmental protection concepts, the rest are not only domestic, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other developing countries, because most beauty products use plastic materials. As product packaging, the huge production and sales volume of beauty products each year puts a lot of pressure on the ecology of the earth. This situation is not conducive to the sustainable development of global ecology, so the brand hopes to create a more ecological and environmentally friendly and Products that meet the concept of sustainable development , and combine their years of experience in business development to create beauty brands that consume

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Paper Packaging Cosmetic Product - Group

Paper Packaging Cosmetic Product - Foundation (open)

Paper Packaging Cosmetic Product - Foundation (close)

Paper Packaging Cosmetic Product - Blusher Powder (close)

Paper Packaging Cosmetic Product - Eye Shadow (open

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