MEMOMA Studio Rebrand
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描述:As our philosophy in the studio says, we are constantly in motion, trying to explore how our brand can evolve and adapt to different moments in our lives and personal grown. That’s why we constantly change our brand giving some temporary applications, but we thought it was time to gave the studio a whole new face that can represent who we are now and all the stuff we have gone through.Continuing with the «FLOW/ADAPT/CREATE» concept we used as inspiration the ancient Chinese game of tangram, in which basically you can create infinite possible representations using only a few basic shapes.We combine this concept with the syllables of our name, to create a monogram which would work as the base symbol for all the stationery and applications of our new brand, hope you like it!

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Main Logo Application

Concept and Typography



Letterpress Bussiness Cards

Serigraphy Bussiness Cards

Digital firms

In Situ applications

Rubber Stamp

Pins and Stickers applications

Serigraphy Bussiness Cards

Neon sign Application

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