Getty Museum Rebrand
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描述:Getty Museum Rebrand project originates from the Type 5: Transmedia course with Brad Bartlett at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. It is imagining the Getty Museum becomes a more accessible cultural institution with the new idea, “Crossing the threshold frame by frame.” Envisioning the Getty Museum in a refreshing public image, being cultural, ethical, welcoming, inspiring, and intelligent. “Frame”, as the branding core concept, is a universal graphic associated with art, design, photography, architecture, and furniture design. It is such a fundamental and yet significant element that exists almost everywhere. Just like a “frame”, the new Getty Museum is honored to be the chain that connects everyone through visual art from Los Angeles, California, the United States, and even the world. The new Getty Museum with two locations, Getty Center and Getty Villa, is a unified institution with a consistent and cohesive branding language.

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The new identity of the Getty Museum.

Out of Home poster campaign for introducing the new identity to the public.

Introducing the Getty Museum\'s new slogan.

Outdoor poster design.

The environmental signage

Signage and wayfinding.

Identity collateral including letterheads, postcards, business cards, envelopes, and others.

A new website with an idea of simplifying information delivery to the audience.

Identity and brand language are applied to the Getty Museum app, membership card, podcast, and e-tickets.

New identity on the museum shopping bag.

Getty Museum golden ratio cards can be given as gifts to family, friends, and colleagues.

The Getty Museum brand guideline.

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